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This, That, and the Other Thing (2 per day and Photography Only)

A collection of various subjects that have caught the photographers eye. Whatever it is that interests and excites you as a photographer, and makes you not want to put the camera away!

Something Blue (NO flowers, please!)

This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

We haven’t done too much with colors, so this challenge is for something blue (NO FLOWERS, PLEASE). Other than that, no restrictions – except for group rules.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the one(s) you like best, and that fit the challenge.

Rewards & Prizes

A blue banner!
Chance to share your favorite blue something!
Comments from your peers!

Additional Information

Regular RB and Group rules apply

Cover Image: Something Blue by MaryinMaine


The Top Ten

The Beauty of A Blue Jellyfish by Jo Nijenhuis

The Beauty of A Blue Jellyfish by Jo Nijenhuis was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 23 votes.

  • Storm Surge At Crawley Edge Boatshed  by EOS20
  • Moroccan Rust III [Print & iPad Case] by Damienne Bingham
  • "Reflection - Reeds and Pond Lilies" by T.J. Martin
  • Blue Horizon by Kris Montgomery
  • Jellyfish In Blue by Diego Re
  • Peg-ed by Tom McDonnell
  • Moon over St Ives by timmburgess
  • Keyhole by nefetiti
  • Peacock Portrait by Jenny Brice

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    Group Avatar for October

    We are looking for an Halloween themed image. witches, Jack-o-lanterns and similar holiday subj…

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