Australian Scenic Excellence

Group Rules:

As we are a group displaying quality photos, we are looking for photographs that immediately demonstrate your skill as a photographer. We would like our group to contain images of Australian Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes (no images of only the sky or water please!). This means that your photo must be taken a long distance from your subject!

We want natural-looking photos of scenes that a tourist would buy on a postcard, so ask yourself whether your image showcases Australia and whether someone would be likely to purchase your image as an outstanding Australian image. Minimal post-production work is acceptable (cropping, slight vibrance enhancement, slight contrast increase etc) but if the post-processing is evident, the photo will not be accepted.

We are therefore seeking photos that:

  1. have sharp focus
  2. have excellent composition (with good framing and clear elements of interest)
  3. have a level horizon (this is one of the major reasons for rejection)
  4. have excellent exposure (we will NOT accept photos that are over-exposed with burnt-out sections, nor under-exposed with dull colours, and we will not accept photos with obvious noise)
  5. have great lighting
  6. are not overly enhanced (HDR is fine as long as you can’t tell it’s HDR… Ditto to Orton effect)
  7. are not digitally manipulated (ie. no moved items, inserted items, combined images, selective colouring, converting to B&W etc)
  8. do not have borders/creative edges of any type (excluding a subtle vignette), text, or visible dates. Signatures are the only form of text accepted. Any signature must be small and not detract from the image”?
  9. do not have a discernible colour cast
  10. show enough of the scene for it to be recognisable to someone else visiting that area
  11. showcase our country in a positive way

We NO LONGER ACCEPT the following:
- closeups of water/rocks/waterfalls,
- photos of animals/people/flowers (unless they are taken at a distance and are a minor part of the scene)
- macro photos (of any kind)
- sport photos
- any photo that doesn’t show an entire scene or is too close to be considered a land scape, sea scape or city scape

*Also, we require every photo of a scene to state where it was taken.
Photos without this information will not be accepted. We want to promote our beautiful country to others, so we need to know the name/location of the subject matter!

We will only accept two submissions per day. If you submit more than two, we will accept two and reject any others without giving a reason.

Photographs are moderated at the hosts’ discretion, and they have the right to reject any image that they believe does not belong in the group. Their decision is final.
Our hosts are all very busy people and give their time willingly to the group, but if you think we got it wrong, please re-submit your photo. If it gets rejected a second time, you can assume that we feel it doesn’t belong in the group. There are many, many, many other groups on RedBubble for your work: as a starting point, see here

If you think your photographs are of the same standard as those you see in our group Gallery, please join our group!