"""""THIS & THAT (3 a day limit)"""""

Most Art from camera or hand will be welcome. We are looking for the pictures that are sharp and interesting. NO FRAMES OR RED BUBBLE PRODUCTS ARE ACCEPTED - RESTRICTION OF ONE FEATURE PAGE CHALLENGE WIN PER PERSON PER CALENDAR YEAR

Recent Work

  • Round The Bend - Lews Castle Grounds by MidnightMelody
  • Acorn cap by vigor
  • Floating  by vigor
  • Red Tipped Yellow Rose by Joy Watson
  • yuck yuck YOLK * by DAdeSimone
  • fungi funnels by vigor
  • Cambodian Kids by Marylou Badeaux
  • A Dog for All Seasons. by Michael Haslam
  • Copper colour by Forfarlass
  • Three Little Birds 2 by Maree Clarkson
  • Snowman in a Snowglobe by Susan S. Kline
  • To Reign In Dusk by Evelina Kremsdorf

About This Group

All Photography, art work, paintings, sketches etc. will be welcome. Nudity in tasteful form but nothing crude.

Frames, No clothing, Journals, iphone covers, ipods, ipads, frames, Throw Pillows , Bags ,Duvet covers,bags, tights or MUGS Nor stickers accepted in this group



Feature Page/All About Red – 21/11/2015

From Camelot to Comboyne
by Tony Crehan

Feature Page/All About Red – Co-Winner – 21/11/2015

Red & White
by cclaude

Avatar/Couch Potato – 18/11/2015

Lazy Roy
by Yair Karelic

Quick Halloween – 31/10/2015

by Ann Dixon

Feature Page/Display of Autumn – Co-Winner – 17/10/2015

Golden Glow
by Iris MacKenzie

Avatar/Farmyard Feathers – 13/10/2015

Sunset Hen
by Yampimon

Feature Page/Cups & Saucers – 23/9/2015

by Barbara D Richards

AVATAR/Caught in the Act – 04/9/2015

The Photographer in Action on the Beach
by Irini 777

Feature Page/Memories of Yesteryear — 26/8/2015

Tools of the Trade
by Iamelmana

Avatar/Handmade – 07/8/2015

Caveman’s Art
by Artisandelimage

Feature Page/Gnarled tree Trunk – 28/7/2015

Face in the tree
by Arie Koene

Feature Page/Work by Hand – 27/6/2015

Apples & Pears Pastel Painting
by Sandysartstudio

Feature/Page-Work by Hand Co-winner – 27/6/2015

Red Spade Pastel Painting
by Alison Murphy

Avatar – Bench/Stool – 23/6/2015

A Morning in the Mist
by Geno Rugh

Feature Page/Country Shop – 20/5/2015

Hardware Shop by Yampimon

Feature Page/Country Shop – Co-Winner – 20/5/2015

The Birchrunville General Store by CClaude

Avatar/Statue – 17/5/2015

The woman at the Well by Lezvee

Avatar/Statue – Co-Winner – 17/5/2015

Whisper by Alexandra Lavizzari

Avatar/Statue – Co-Winner – 17/5/2015

Diana, Goddess Of The Hunt by Al Bourassa

FeaturePage/Jetty or Pier – 21/4/2015

Nags Head Fishing Pier by Kenneth Keifer

Avatar/Easter is here – 12/4/2015

The rare Beauty of New Life
by Tinypaws

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