"""""THIS & THAT (3 a day limit)"""""

Most Art from camera or hand will be welcome. We are looking for the pictures that are sharp and interesting. NO CLOTHING or iPhone , iPod or iPad , frames , Throw Pillows,Tote Bags , Duvet Covers or MUGS And NO STICKERS will be accepted

Recent Work

  • Formation Flypast, Tyabb Airshow, Victoria, Australia 2010 by muz2142
  • Reflections In The Valley Of The Kangaroo by Michael Matthews
  • Vintage Car, Tyabb Airshow, Victoria, Australia 2010 by muz2142
  • Daegum Dreaming by TonyCrehan
  • Pole position by Penny Smith
  • A Weird Mailbox :) by Penny Smith
  • Winter Coat. by Halina Plewak
  • Juxtapose by Trudi's Images
  • Blue Fin by Chris Chalk
  • Wet undergrowth by Maggie Hegarty
  • Signs To Yenda by myraj
  • The Ochre building  - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. by Tiffany Lenoir

About This Group

All Photography, art work, paintings, sketches etc. will be welcome. Nudity in tasteful form but nothing crude.

No clothing, Journals, iphone covers, ipods, ipads, frames, Throw Pillows , Bags ,Duvet covers or MUGS Nor stickers accepted in this group


Feature Page/Archways or Doorways – Winner – 22/11/2014

San Juan Doorway
by CClaude

Feature Page/Archways or Doorways – Co-Winner – 22/11/2014

Musee Du Louvre, Paris,
by John Velocci

Avatar/Members’ Choice – 14/11/2014

LadyBug ipad by Cliff Vestergaard

Avatar/Members’ Choice – 14/11/21014

End of the Road by Michael Beckett

Halloween Haunts – 26/10/2014

Cackling Crone
by missmoneypenny

Feature Page/Pelicans – 21/10/2014

The Four Stooges
by Ken McElroy

Avatar-Barnyard Animal or Bird – Winner – 16/10/2014

by Laurie Minor

Avatar/Barnyard Animal or Bird – Co-Winner – 16/10/2014

Judgment Day – Fryeburg Fair
by T.J. Martin

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