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Most Art from camera or hand will be welcome. We are looking for the pictures that are sharp and interesting. NO CLOTHING or iPhone , iPod or iPad , frames , Throw Pillows,Tote Bags and Duvet Covers will be accepted

Recent Work

  • From Times Past.... by Colin Binks
  • R707 City of Melbourne by DavidsArt
  • Golden Reflections  by Chris Chalk
  • Dreaming in the Grass by Susan Werby
  • Golden Fairytale by Susan Werby
  • Spooky Pumpkin  by Jandzart013
  • Library Sculpture 2 by Maggie Hegarty
  • She's  Pink - Rose by Joy Watson
  • Hangin' Around by Sandra Fortier
  • The Circle Game by Betty Mackey
  • Cheeky kitty cat by Jemma Richards
  • Pause for Breath - Flute and Sheet Music by BlueMoonRose

About This Group

All Photography, art work, paintings, sketches etc. will be welcome. Nudity in tasteful form but nothing crude.

No clothing, Journals, iphone covers, ipods, ipads, frames, Throw Pillows , Bags Or Duvet covers accepted in this group


Avatar-Barnyard Animal or Bird – Winner – 16/10/2014

by Laurie Minor

Avatar/Barnyard Animal or Bird – Co-Winner – 16/19/2014

Judgment Day – Fryeburg Fair
by T.J. Martin

Feature Page/Fishermen – 24/9/2014

by Ludwig Wagner

Feature Page/Fishermen – Co-Winner – 24/9/2014

Fishing on the Edge
by Yampimon

AVATAR/Barn – 06/9/2014

The Red Barn
by Ann Van Breemen

Feature Page/Water in Action – 24/8/2014

On the Edge
by Ann Van Breemen

Feature Page/Water in Action – Winner – 24/8/2014

The Force of Nature
by Bine

Feature Page/Water in Action -Co-Winner – 24/8/2014

On the Edge
by Ann Van Breemen

Feature Page/Water in Action -Co-Winner – 24/8/2014

by RVogler

Avatar/Flowering Tree – 09/8/2014

Dogwood Blossoms
by Barbara Brown

Feature Page/Just a Leaf – 20/7/22014

Fallen Beauty
by Eugenio

Just for Luck – 10/7/2014

Old Shoe
by WildestArt

Avatar/Teddy Bear -07/7/2014

by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮

Feature Page/Work by Hand – 25/6/2014

SOFT BREEZE – Original watercolor ink wash painting
by Rebecca Rees

Big Mover – 16/6/2014

Ol' Yella by

AVATAR/Members Choice – 08/6/2014

Colibri – My Summer Visitor
by Jola Martysz

Feature Page/Caught in the Act – 31/5/2014

Art(ist) in the making
by Javimage

AVATAR/Something you Set – 14/5/2014

Time to Admire
by MichaelJP

Mothers Love – 14/5/2014

Madonna and child
by Alan Mattison

Walking Track or Trail – 05/5/2014

A Ray of Florida Sunshine !!
by jozi1

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