thick black outlines

Artwork featuring glorious thick black outlines! coloured ones too!

Recent Work

  • I Am Caesar by jayveezed
  • Tiny Bears Pattern by Sophie Corrigan
  • His Sweetheart the Past by brett66
  • My private universe by Mike Adey
  • Caravan  by Mike Adey
  • Sleeping giants by Mike Adey
  • #ReTweet by Mike Adey
  • Good morning! by Mike Adey
  • The birds of Jardin du Luxembourg by Mike Adey
  • James 2014/15 by SW7 Design
  • The Persistence of Chicken by Uncle McPaint
  • Frockodiles by Sophie Corrigan

About This Group

We don’t claim to “own” the style, but there are a lot of artists out there who do it, we have a common bond, an unspoken understanding, a silent nod of approval when we see it.

Bring forth the mighty THICK BLACK OUTLINES!

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