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Very bad me, very very bad me!! CHALLENGE RESULTS and DAMIENNE'S WALL of FAME... d'OH

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So… the challenge for Waterfalls finished 2 weeks ago… was set up as a sneaky way to get enough waterfalls into the group for a feature… ANYWAY it did finish and there was a winner and some stunning works in the challenge… and I cannot even nag and say anything about voting as I am as forgetful as anyone… still, there was a clear winner with 3 votes, a runner up with 2 and the rest with 1 vote each… congratulations to all!!

Now… Damienne’s wall of fame… half finished and SILLY SILLY SILLY me was locked to comments!!! PLEASE show some love and visit her here

And here is the Waterfalls challenge winner….

Leura Cascades Waterfall
by Michael John


Now, the newest featured member is Qnita

The features are all up, of course the theme is TRADITIONAL ART… the Wall of Fame entry is pending… I am on nightshift so am working on it “behind the scenes” and shall make it public when it is done… I need the joy of Firefox blended with Windows 7’s snipping tool, as well as permissions to upload and do stuff like that to create it properly… so anyway watch the All New Wall of Fame over the next 24 hours please and it will be available… first I need to welcome the early shift with open arms, go home, fall into the land of dreams via tending to “Isobel’s every need” and then and only then work on the WOF.

For now please congratulate Damienne, thank her for the colour she brought into our lives and group for the last 2 weeks and Michael for winning the Challenge :-D

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

UPDATE…. not had time to do the screenshots for the wall of fame….. finish work tomorrow morning though so will make it a priorty after my sleep as not working tomorrow night :-D

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You are so welcome, Qnita! Thank you for playing!

Your Wall of Fame entry is ALMOST completed, about 5 minutes more I think! Here it is: Honouring QNITA

For anyone to look at, there’s about 10-15 minutes more for the 2nd line features thread to be finished here