Theme Thursday Feature Friday - **FEATURED this fortnight: JOHN VELOCCI**

Your favourite work, either featured or forgotten! Just add your work or join in the theming game!

SU2ANNE 4th - 5th October 2012

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This week’s Featured Member is Su2anne

Suzanne joined this group in July 2012 and has already shared a lot of her work with us and signed up to play TTFF straight away. She hosts All That Is Nature – Nothing Manmade but is active around the site supporting other RB users and caught my attention for potential membership of this group. :-)

This is her 1st time playing Theme Thursday – Feature Friday.
Suzanne is the latest member to play TTFF and I look forward to many many more. there are a lot of themes throughout her work.

For this time, I featured “Detail and Patterns”.

Anyway, please take some time to congratulate Su2anne, have a look at her featured work and her portfolio and enjoy this permanent tribute to her game this week! :-)

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Theme Thursday 4th October 2012

Theme: This theme was not named, instead Su2anne just picked works that she liked from my portfolio. That’s OK too! Here are her choices, which actually go nicely together :-)

Please note: All themes are based on works from my portfolio. The folder name changes with each player, as does the content… please click the cover image below for the current theme!!

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Feature Friday 5th October 2012

Group Avatar of the Fortnight

Square eyes
by su2anne

Image of the Fortnight

Now which one was it?
by su2anne

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TOP LINE WORKS ALL BY SU2ANNE …2nd line feature details can be seen here

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