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GEORGE ROW ( 2nd - 3rd February 2012

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So when you think of George Row you think of stunning “Circle Photographs” otherwise known as (insert later)

(Insert a little about them)

Equally when you see such an image you should be forgiven for immediately thinking of George.

George aka VeryIreland is playing Theme Thursday for the very first time so I thought that this time around I would honour some of the works from his “least viewed” folder… of course this in no way means least POPULAR… as I would challenge anyone to find an older work by him that has no comments and no features. Trust me, it’s impossible… with no wonder about why.

Anyway I shall finish this bio later…. honest…. it’s still Friday there is still a way to go and I am very out of practice ;-)

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Theme Thursday

Against the sky.

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Feature Friday

Group Avatar of the Week

The Walled City Market, Derry
by George Row

Image of the Week

Kinnagoe Bay – iPhone
by George Row

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Screen shot for features will be done from home.

Mounted prints gallery to follow later too.