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Editors Choices ending October 24, 2010

Evita Evita 14545 posts

Editors choice this week are…..

  1. Photo of the Week goes to
    Joshua Trees By LudaNayvelt
  1. 1st Runner-Up
    WOMAN IN RED By RakeshSyal
  1. 2nd Runner-Up
    Waiting on a Friend By ajlphotography
  1. 3rd runner-Up
    Autumn Storm Over Hidden Bench By Marilyn Cornwell
  1. Best Macro Of the Week
    Chili’s Smiling By tinhearts
  1. Best Homeless Photo of the Week
    An apple a day …..keeps the hunger at bay By iamelmana

Best Male Portrait

  1. Best Child/Children Photo Of The Week
    IRIS (2) – “Are you sure you are talking to me” ..?? By vaggypar
  1. Best Female Portrait of the week
    You are always By CanyonWind

Best Self-Portrait
White Seduction By Julie Everhart

  1. Best Digital Art of the Week
    Paradise By andy551
  1. Best Landscape of the Week
    Nostalgy By Danuta Antas
  1. Best Seascape of the Week
    Red, Yellow and Blue Canoes on Shore By Lucinda Walter
  1. Best Still-Life of the Week
    Pebble Candlelight By Wendy Chapman
  1. Best Overlay /Photomanipulation of the Week
    Jump By Greta McLaughlin
  1. Humorous Photo of the Week
    BUT MOM…I’M A BOY By Ginny York
  1. Best Animal Photo of the Week
    Light of The Lemur By Trudi’s Images
  1. Best Cityscape of the Week
    View From The Brooklyn Bridge-NYC By Dana Horne
  1. Best Abstract of the Week
    Boat reflection abstract By buttonpresser
  1. Best Floral Photo of the Week
    Mums the Word By BillK
  1. Best Sepia Photo of the Week"
    Out of Work Windmill By trueblvr
  1. Best Black and White photo of the Week
    Black & White By CanyonWind

#Honorable mentio photo of the Week
The Slow Circle By byronbackyard


Writting of the week goes to
Until I Can No Longer Dream and Cry By oscarelizondo

  1. 1st Runner-UP
    Friendship and bubblegum everlasting By troader
  1. 2nd Runner-Up
    ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE By Charmiene Maxwell-batten
  1. 3rd Runner-Up
    forever sublime By tinhearts
  1. Honorable Mention
    You say you’re fat By CLiPiCs
  1. Member of the Week

Fantastic works !!!!☺♥

vaggypar vaggypar 13672 posts

Many thanks for my feature and congrats to all artists featured .!!

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1545 posts

Outstanding works, congratulations to all!

Carla Jensen Carla Jensen 1035 posts

Oh WOW …Evita !!! Another Phenomenal Week of choices!!! Congratulations to one and all on your much deserved Features!! WTG =D Amazing Work as always everyone!!!

trish725 trish725 4305 posts

Wonderful choices, Evita :-) Congratulations everyone :-)

Berns Berns 3044 posts

Brilliant work! Congrats everyone!

Mukesh Srivastava Mukesh Srivastava 416 posts

Wonderful works…Congrats to everyone!!!!!

CanyonWind CanyonWind 3960 posts

Beautiful works . Two , thank you .

Jacqueline Ison Jacqueline Ison 2555 posts

Wonderful choices….congrats to all for some great art!!

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5113 posts

Congratulations everyone. Another feist for the eyes Evita!! Well done everybody!

paolo1955 paolo1955 3913 posts

Congratulations to everyone!

JRGarland JRGarland 2420 posts

Super congrats to all for a job well done.

SummerJade SummerJade 1408 posts

Beautiful choices, Evita! Congratulations to all the featured artists!! ☺♥♥

Greta  McLaughlin Greta McLaughlin 745 posts

Thank you so very much. I am truly honored to be among these beautiful compositions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9520 posts

Congratulations to all featured! Thank you very much for featuring my photo.

Teresa Zieba Teresa Zieba 789 posts

Fabulous collection once again. Congratulations Everyone!!

GiselaSchneider GiselaSchneider 1767 posts

Congratulations to all, wonderful images !!!

Ginny York Ginny York 7015 posts

Thank you so much for choosing *BUT MOM…..I’M A BOY!8 for the Humorous Photo of the Week Evita! That is such an honor. My silly boy and I can’t thank you enough! :))

Congratulations to everyone else who had an image chosen. They are all so beautiful I don’t know how you decide Evita!

Ginny York Ginny York 7015 posts

Congratulations to the fabulous writers chosen also.

buttonpresser buttonpresser 1447 posts

Thanks Evita, and well done everyone!

tinhearts tinhearts 57 posts

CONGRATULATIONS*** to ***ALL*** the wonderful artists and friends!
I am so thank full to be chosen also. My husband is teasing me!
I thank you with all my heart!

Diane Arndt Diane Arndt 1706 posts

Congratulations One and All……………thankyou so much for being included in this great group….I really am stunned!!!! Di

hereforfun hereforfun 207 posts

Oh wow thank you so very much Evita what and honour, and congrats to all the featured ! xx

troader troader 258 posts

thank you so much …Evita …as choosing my story as part of your pics…it is an honor…congrats to all…

danamh40 danamh40 1776 posts

Wow!! Thank you for choosing my image as cityscape of the week…I really appreciate it! Congratulations to all featured! :o)