The Woman Photographer **only 7 submissions a week.**

Group Rules:

Photographs can be altered in any way and can be of any subject matter, but must be the work of a female.

We will have challenges regularly so please check back often and have fun!

*No photos depicting violence, hate or discrimination allowed. I will be very strict on this guideline! Violators will be removed.

*Only very tasteful/artistic nudity allowed. I will be very strict on this guideline as well.

All photos must be your absolute BEST work! Be selective.

NO art dumping in this group allowed. Only submit about 5 -7 a week.

*Men can join and be active in forums etc.. but they cannot upload any photographs.

*Give credit where credit is due, if you use someone elses work to enhance your original photograph, please credit them in your description! It would be great if the other artist was also female ;)

Any composites (art with more than 1 photograph or other medium) must include a photograph that is the work of a woman photographer. If you use another woman’s photo in your composite please give her proper credit

Most Importantly: Everyone must have fun!!!