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The Woman Photographer **only 7 submissions a week.**

A group to showcase women photographers

The Woman Photographer Features..05/10/13

debsphotos debsphotos 578 posts

I Will Wait For You
by V-Light

Autumn baby
by Lyn Evans

Impressions of MoMA
by Georgia Mizuleva

by Jillian Merlot

by LittlebirdM

Winter Night
by Mary Ann Reilly

River mosaic
by MarianBendeth

Lucy in the Sea with Diamonds
by Owed to Nature

The calm of the summer day
by Caterpillar

Velvet Dreams ….
by Sharon House

The cute one
by AngiNelson

The Morning Calm
by Sue Cullumber

Congratulations to ALL our featured members! *-)

Evita Evita 14839 posts

Beautiful works… Congratulations to everyone !!! ☺♥

Sharon House Sharon House 256 posts

Such beautiful works ~ congratulations to all who are featured here. Truly a great honour to be included amongst these and I sincerely thank you….

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2713 posts

Lovely! Congratulations to all the featured artists. Great work

paintingsheep paintingsheep 934 posts

Very beautiful selection!! Congratulations to all the Featured Artists!

Diane Arndt Diane Arndt 1769 posts

Beautiful!!! Such talent showing in these feature’s

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3429 posts

Beautiful choices. Such great talent. Congratulations to all the Featured Artists!

Marie Charrois Marie Charrois 3 posts

Beautiful selection!
Thank you :)

V-Light V-Light 22 posts

Thank you so much for this feature! :D I’m really honored to be amongst so many great artists! Congratulations to every featured artist! I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Sally Green Sally Green 621 posts

WOW! what simply stunning photography! well done all featured photographers X

Owed To Nature Owed To Nature 1053 posts

Thank You Deb for this wonderful collection and honor! Congratulations to everyone Featured!!