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Set your imagination free

Recent Work

  • Black holes and revelations by Laura  Nadeszhda
  • Birth Of Worlds by christopher r peters
  • Remnant green by crystalline
  • Brachialis Released. version 2 by oneoftheclan
  • Watching the time by TresArt
  • The Mandala Eyes Collection #28 by mandalaeyes
  • Flower of Life Mandala by Shane-P
  • The Mandala Eyes Collection #29 by mandalaeyes
  • Exclusion Zone... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Lady Scorpio by Chanel70
  • Winter Angel by LoneAngel
  • The Mandala Eyes Collection #26 by mandalaeyes

About This Group


We want to show the World your Worlds of Fantasy

We accept all types of Fantasy .. The Spiritual .. The Weird .. The Hero’s .. Creatures of Myth & Magic .. Aliens and their Worlds .. All things Sci_Fi .. The Supernatural .. Enchanting Mystical Places

The group is open to all types of artwork .. digital art .. paintings .. photo-manipulation .. certain types of fractals .. check the RULES carefully

We accept Tee Shirts and Stickers but NO all text Tee shirts

We accept all cases, pillows, totes, mugs and duvets

We DO NOT accept standard photos

We would love to see your work … BUT PLEASE READ THE RULES

OUR SISTER GROUPS .. Come and join us

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Just The Horse

Everything Equine

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Creative Cards & Calendars

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