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The true beauty

If its photos, poems, short storys, songs, drawlings, painting, or anything else, it can be displayed here. As long as its true beauty.

Recent Work

  • Cheetah Portrait by Kathy Weaver
  • Camel Rock Encounter by Michael Matthews
  • Forest Light by Claire Walsh
  • I WAnt My Tears BacK by Graeme M
  • LOoking Up by Graeme M
  • Dinard by jean-jean
  • Face On Rose by Joy Watson
  • First Kiss - Trees by Linda Callaghan
  • Kitana by ururuty
  • Lower Somersby Falls, Australia by Erik Schlogl
  • A Lake through the Grass by James2001
  • Ferns by aldona

About This Group


Well the true beauty is what it says. If it is beautiful to you then its beautiful. So you can post it on here. The only time I really don’t like you posting works is if it is the same thing that you already posted. But I want everyone to have fun, and take part in this group. It can be a blast.

I change the featured works every Sunday, unless I just don’t get to it. Which I would then do it Monday.

Also, every other Sunday I am going to pick the three-five most active people on this group in which they will be featured, this starts on January first.

Alight well I am trying to get some more ideas for the next challenge and the prizes. So if you have any ideas on the challenge or prizes please contact me. The challenge does not have to be posted under the the challenge bar. I want to do one for maybe journals and writings, so if you have any ideas please contact me.*******


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