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spotlight artist of the week...quick fun interview josephine pugh! (locked)

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featured artist of the week josephine pugh
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1.) What’s your favourite colour?
It would definitely be red; the colour of passion and excess! Just like your luscious lips ma’am…

2.) What do you prefer to drink: wine, spirits, beer?
Being a good British girl, I do like a cold cider.

3.) If you could or can; would you do a cartwheels, headstand or handstand?
I’d choose a headstand so I could really drink in the world from another perspective, but it’s a could rather than a can, sadly!

4.) What’s your favourite art medium?
I am passionate about photography, but also you can’t beat a good film. The best films are like beautiful photographs strung together and the
best photographs captivate you and tell a story like a good film.

5.) What’s your best joke?
Q: Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? A: Because they taste funny! Sorry!

6.) What’s your favourite comfort food?
I love Thai; any Thai but to really get me it’s got to be a Weeping Tiger.

7.) Name a favourite teary song?
Camille O’Sullivan, Song for Old Lovers.

8.) Name a favourite happy song?
I love Melanesian chants (too niche? I can’t help but smile though). I first came across them in the Terrence Malick film ‘The Thin Red Line’.

9.) Name one person & or something that inspires you?
I am inspired by abandonment, in many forms but especially hidden places and possessions left to wither! I am passionate about Urbex photography.

10.) What would you most like to achieve this month?
A balance.