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We are looking for your best work that has at least 30 favorites.

Recent Work

  • Lightthought 140 by Lightthinker
  • Venturing onto the mystery lane by jchanders
  • Walking on a bright lane by jchanders
  • Heading towards the light by jchanders
  • Where will I go from here ... ? by jchanders
  • The Colors Of Photography ~ Part Six by artisandelimage
  • October kept what it had promised by jchanders
  • Toadstool by Mui-Ling Teh
  • Tears they keep falling... by Yool
  • First Light by Arfan Habib
  • Riding into the Sunset by Arfan Habib
  • Over The Edge Of The Wild by Denise Abé

About This Group

The aim of the group is to promote the best work – and we believe it is not based on views, or comments – but the art that people want to remember to be inspired by.

*We are going on trust, but want people to submit work that has at least 30 favorites and this number MUST be clearly stated in the image description, or your work will be rejected.

We will accept any high-quality work, whether it’s photography (including HDR and photo manipulations), art (traditional or digital), clothing and iPhone cases, as long as the favorites are clearly listed.

This is what you get if your image is featured on our home page!

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