The Super Amazing Super Hero Group

Calling all super heros...and super hero wanna-be's! We need YOU for our group!

Recent Work

  • Midnight Geisha by Barbora  Urbankova
  • Charcoal Fantasy by MuscularTeeth
  • Tankfist Steelhammer – Mightiest of the Mighty by Simon Sherry
  • Tankfist Steelhammer IN HELL! by Simon Sherry
  • Tankfist PUNCH! by Simon Sherry
  • Mad Professor Smash! sticker by Michael Lee
  • Vigilante Girl by Michael Lee
  • Eyes! by Tom Godfrey
  • Hero by Martin Muir
  • Geisha in Green with Koi and lotus Flowers by Barbora  Urbankova
  • Sexy: Let's Ride by kagcaoili
  • GSTATUS: Gorilla Samurai by kagcaoili

About This Group

Do you have a great idea for a super hero but none of the comic book companies will buy your idea? You are NOT alone!!! Although we can’t buy your idea because we are just as broke as you are, we WILL let you showcase your awesome (or awful!) ideas right here in our group!!!

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