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Banksia Bunch

Banksias and selected members of the Protaeceae family

Recent Work

  • Giant Candles Banksia flower by purpletanya
  • Banksia undata by kalaryder
  • Baldivis Banksia by kalaryder
  • Banksia in the Bush by kalaryder
  • Golden Drumstick ... Shallow DOF by Michael Matthews
  • Baldivis Banksia by kalaryder
  • Face of a Banksia by Penny Smith
  • Banksia integrifolia by Anny Arden
  • Springbrook 1 by Werner Padarin
  • Tasmanian Waratah by Graeme  Hyde
  • Banksia and Log by kalaryder
  • Banksia ashbyi Flowers by kalaryder

About This Group

This group is for the plants within the Proteaceae Family
This group will accept
Adenanthos – woolybush; Banksia; Bellendena; Conospermum – smoke bushes; Dryandra; Embothrium – Chilean firebush; Floydia – ballnut, possum nut tree (rare);
Franklandia; Gevuina auellana – Chilean hazel; Hakea; Hicksbeachia – red bopple nut;
Isopogon – drumsticks or conebush; Lambertia – wild honeysuckle; Lomatia; Macadamia; Mimetes; Orothamnus – marsh rose; Persoonia – geebung or snottygobbles; Petrophile – Pixie Mops, conebush; Stenocarpus – firewheel tree;
Stirlingia – blueboy; Synaphea; Telopea – Waratahs; Xlyomelum – woody pear tree

If in doubt please contact the hosts

We do not accept Proteas, Leucospermum and Leucadendron or Grevilleas in this group. These have their own group. It is intended that this will be a sister group to Proteas Group and Grevilleas Group – see links below



Avatar Challenge

Symmetry, Bottlebrush, Lane Cove National Park, Sydney, Australia.
by kaysharp


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