The power of simplicity (Photos only)

Simplistic objects. Photography only. No humans. No greeting cards. No Tee's

Recent Work

  • DRagon's teeth by Graeme M
  • Little Teapot And Magnolias by Evita
  • Glowing in the dark by EbyArts
  • My SOfter side... by Graeme M
  • All I've Got by Denise Abé
  • Nature's Dream by SexyEyes69
  • The Iron Mask by wiggyofipswich
  • Serenity in Green by Karen  Betts
  • Demon by katarina86
  • Big train rolling down the line..Sometimes I wish to ride away by jammingene
  • Queen For a Day by T.J. Martin
  • Write a note by katarina86

About This Group

This group is for simplistic artwork with the subject being an object or two.
The primary theme of our group is tangible objects with shallow depth of field.
People who like minimalistic work should join.
Artwork allowed will be photographs only. No images with writing on them will be allowed, such as greeting cards. No iPhone/iPad covers allowed. Submit your photos in the image form only.

What we want:
Shallow depth of field of:
Simplistic objects.
Simplistic flower shots.
Simplistic DETAILS of buildings. (No WHOLE buildings)

What we don’t want:
- Images with the NSFW filter will not be accepted.
- NO IMAGES OF PEOPLE OR ANIMALS ALLOWED. We no longer allow birds and insects either as there are many groups for this.
- No images of whole buildings. Simplistic shots featuring details of buildings will be considered at the sole discretion of the host.
- No trees or forest or scapes: landscapes, skyscapes or seascapes please. Many other groups for those.
- Images of water surfaces will be accepted at the sole discretion of the hosts.
- No photos of the moon will be allowed.
- No photographs of paintings or graffiti or abstracts of peeling paint or rust.

- The hosts will use her discretion when accepting photos that fall within our guidelines.
- Images will be rejected if there is too much background noise. Ask yourself: does it look ‘busy’ or not. We don’t want busy looking photographs.

- Please don’t submit several shots of the same object. Choose your best one and submit that.

- Please: NO heavily post-edited or manipulated photographs. We will accept textured photographs but if the image no longer looks like a photograph, it will not be accepted.

Home Page – 30 September 2011

by Yannik Hay

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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