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Features 27th November 2012

Judith Cahill Judith Cahill 146 posts

A new batch of beautiful images have been featured today……..Please join Melissa and I in congratulating all of our featured artists and if you like any of the images, don’t forget to add them to your favourites as we can look through our favourites for inspiration when we are about to head out and take some pics……..

Don’t forget to check out the challenges too……….this weekend spend 30 minutes doing something you “have been meaning to get around to”……I did that last weekend and it was to read and understand some of the menu functions on my 7D (I bought a really good book about my camera and actually spent some time reading it!!!!!)….

Going East
by Trish Mistric

Lock & Key
by Sea-Change

Primary Colours in Burano, Venice
by Robyn Carter

Golden Hours
by Fern Blacker

by Jurgen Dabeedin

Don t worry sis the big lions won t hurt us!!
by jozi1

Jumping Spider #4
by Kerrod Sulter

Maine Coon Mono
by Carol Bleasdale

Used Wishes are Magic too
by OneGoodEye

Terrigal Haven. (sunset)
by Julie White

"Silverback Portrait"
by jonxiv


Manon Boily Manon Boily 3246 posts

wow! a fantastic selection. I thought it was a selection from National Geographic Magazine. congratulations to all of you ;)

Robyn Carter Robyn Carter 163 posts

These are some of the best features I’ve seen on Redbubble – Fabulous images and I agree with Manon – looks like from National Geographic.

Thanks for including mine – really unexpected :)

OneGoodEye OneGoodEye 36 posts

Oh my goodness these features are gorgeous!! I know I sound….blah. Saying this but, I’m over here thinking “does mine even belong with these works?!”
Seriously wonderful shots, very honored to have mine amount them, but I’m also very very humbled to say the least.

jozi1 jozi1 343 posts

Wow what a fantastic selection a real treat to be among them !!

Judith Cahill Judith Cahill 146 posts

Love the images which is why they are featured. I tried to put a mix of images
- Great use of colour in colour composition
- Loved the water droplets, I have tried this with very little success and a lot of mess
- Love the faces on the animals, they were real portraits. The group prefers animal shots that are not just a snapshot. They need to be like these where there is something about the portrait that makes it special
- Black and White is an art form too……Love a good range of tones and if you look at Ansel Adams, he was the original master.

Well done and your images belong as they are great images…….and I am a sucker for great focus……for me the two basics in photography are use of light and therefore settings on the camera combined with good focus are the main things to get right…….If you master those, you can make anything look awesome. IMHO

Trish Mistric Trish Mistric 73 posts

Congrats to everyone. Great selection of photos :D

jonxiv jonxiv 61 posts

Congrats everyone. Fantastic work.

Jazzy724 Jazzy724 313 posts

Congratulations!!! Very inspiring images!!!

Sea-Change Sea-Change 242 posts

Wow!! What fantastic images these all are – Congratulations everyone!! I feel so honoured that my image is featured among them, thankyou Judith :)

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7684 posts

Congratulations to all!!! :)))))))))))) x x x

Julie  White Julie White 64 posts

Congratulations to all artists beautiful work.

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 14774 posts

Great features! Congratulations to everyone!

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 808 posts

Wonderful selections congratulations to all xxx

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 808 posts

Wonderful selections congratulations to all xxx

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 808 posts

Wonderful selections congratulations to all xxx

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4521 posts

Awesome Work! Congratulations to all featured artists!!!

Stephanie Aughenbaugh Stephanie Augh... 11 posts

Beautiful, all of them! Congratulations to everyone.