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Features 29th October 2012

Judith Cahill Judith Cahill 152 posts

Another superb group of features have been chosen this week and as always, there are just too many great images to choose from which makes selecting a group of features tough………Join Melissa and I in congratulating the featured artists

by Stacey Purkiss

Even in my alternate universe, the rain makes my hair curl…
by micklyn

Seahouses Harbour Northumberland
by Tarrby

Spooky Cat
by Fern Blacker

A Leafy Blanket For A Picnic Table – Flaming Geyser State Park
by Vincent Frank

by Nikolay Semyonov

by timpr

Watson Abstract 4
by Bob Larson

White Frost
by Ari Salmela

Peek through the window of a burned down house
by Nicole W.

my daddy and me
by Clare Colins

Puffin Profile
by naturalnomad

PS – Don’t forget to vote in the New Group Avatar Challenge There are some fantastic images and one of them is going to become the new group avatar. :)

Clare Colins Clare Colins 754 posts

A wonderful collection.
Congratulations to all!~

Vincent Frank Vincent Frank 173 posts

Superb selections!! Congratulations to all… :)

Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 567 posts

awesome images… wonderful selection.. congrats to all

Nicole  Markmann Nelson Nicole Markma... 246 posts

Stunning work! Awesome selection! Congratulation to everyone!

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 824 posts

Love the selection Judith… How good is this group :))) congratulations to all xxx

Tarrby Tarrby 1435 posts

Fantastic set of images, thank you and congratulations to all.

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 13407 posts

Wonderful features! Congratulations to everyone!