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The Colour Red Challenge Winner ~ jammingene

This challenge closed almost 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Red is one of the most powerful colours so this challenge is all about red images, please submit images that manly show this colour.

Feng Shui Color Theory: RED
Red is one of the most powerful colors. Red means different things in different cultures. In Feng Shui Red is the color of fame and notoriety. It is also a color that gets noticed. If you wear the color red, you must be prepared for the attention that you will get. One person that comes to mind for their powerful use of the color red is Hillary Clinton. Nearly at all significant gatherings of her peers, she wears red, usually it’s a red suit. She is very smart about the use of this color. In many countries red is the color which ladies get married in…the color of love, think of red hearts.
In Feng Shui color theory red means energy, good luck, courage, passion, marriage, faith and communication. The emotions that it is associated with include anger, irritation, passion, courage and outrage.

Color Has an Impact on the Choices You Make
How the color red affects us mentally and physically

  1. Increases enthusiasm
  2. Stimulates energy
  3. Encourages action and confidence
  4. A sense of protection from fears and anxiety

And for more information about the colour red click HERE

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for you favourite images

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Framed version of your image on group homepage
  1. Featured Member of the Week
  1. Challenge winners 
Image becomes
    permanent avatar for this challenge
  1. Banner for Challenge winner and Top Ten

Additional Information

All images must be submitted into the group to be able to enter the challenge

Cover Image: We better find out..The name of the game..Chance of a new world sunny and fine..Or of a burning and branded design..Why are we here does anyone know..Why are we here at the terminal show by jammingene


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