Ponies, Cobs and Donkeys (The Pony Club)

A group for all those smaller horses and Donkeys under 14.2hh

Recent Work

  • Gypsy Love by louisegreen
  • Gypsy Vanner - fridge magnet by louisegreen
  • My little Nestor by Olivia Moore
  • The Pony’s Trail - Open Edition by Wayne King
  • Majestic Gypsy by louisegreen
  • Prancing Pony  by louisegreen
  • Pretty in Pink .. the pony and the owl by LoneAngel
  • Look into My Eyes by vigor
  • WILD PONY by Michael Carter
  • White Pony in a Blue Wood by Wayne King
  • His five-a-day by missmoneypenny
  • Mini Paint Mini Painting by Margaret Stockdale

About This Group

Ponies are small equines under the height of 14.2 hands high. A “hand” is a measurement in horse terms – one hand equals 10.2cm or 4 inches. Horses and ponies are measured from their withers (the bottom of their neck where it meets the back).
If you are not sure if it’s a pony or not, submitt it and we’ll let you know

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