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The Passion of Couples

Group Rules:

  1. 1 Your original art and writing only please.
  1. 2 All works must to abide by RedBubble’s general content guidelines and User Agreement
  1. 3 All works must conform to RedBubble’s additional content guidelines on Content & Behavior
  1. 4 All works must conform to RedBubble’s NSFW Filter & Pornorgraphy Guidelines
  1. 5 This group is for and about couples and the passion they share. This means all couples regardless of gender.
  1. 6 Submissions must clearly link to the theme of the group – it must be about couples and passion… just because there is two of something in your submission doesn’t mean it goes along with this theme.
  1. 7 NO PICTURES BUT COUPLES! I keep getting pictures like landscapes and everything else.