The Other Side of Italy

Take away the romanticism and what are you left with? The 'Real' Italy!!


  • Jason  Grelli

    10:25... by Jason Grelli

    Those who were, no longer are
    those who are, still cry
    as they walk in a maze of mirrors
    asking why these horrors

    232 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    I'm So Bored with Italy! by Jason Grelli

    Does anyone remember the Clash song I’m so bored witht the USA? I readapted the song with the problems going on here in Italy.
    Hope you like it.

    164 words
  • diLuisa Photography

    Una donna in lutto (A Woman in Mourning) by diLuisa Photog...

    Sicilia, mio cuore
    Oggi non sono fiera di te.
    Anche il cielo si chiude
    E il vento si ferma.…

    La nostra storia di intimidazione.
    Non quella che viene
    raccontata al mondo,
    ma quella che viviamo noi.

    Una volta

    187 words
  • diLuisa Photography

    Let's go from sex to making love..... by diLuisa Photog...

    Passiamo dal sesso a fare l’amore,
    Vuoi farlo con me?
    Facciamo i giochini, tu fai il dottore
    Senti il mio cuore?…

    Dai, vieni a letto con me,
    Ma stasera non dormiamo.
    Ti voglio “conoscere”
    Tu, un uomo che vu

    138 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    You're lucky to have a job! by Jason Grelli

    What is it worth living or die for?
    Is it an Idea and it’s rightness?
    or a good deal and the sake of your buisness?…

    One thing is out of space
    it’s dying for your job,
    when you’ve got to work with a fast

    241 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    THE VOICE OF THE GRUDGE by Jason Grelli

    I see
    and I don’t believe
    I hear
    and I don’t believe…

    Grudge has spoken,

    workers exploited
    compassion has ended
    Arms that saw action
    are now usless to the exploiters

    “We aren’t racists
    but it’s them that a

    86 words
  • diLuisa Photography

    Parlami d'amore (Talk to me about Love) by diLuisa Photog...

    English at the end

    Parlami d’amore
    Voglio baciare le tue labbra
    Voglio sentire il calore di quel bacio.

    Sei oggi, e spero domani
    Anima meravigliosa.
    Stai pensando a me?
    Il mio solo pensiero sei tu.

    228 words
  • diLuisa Photography

    La Mia Politica (My Politics) by diLuisa Photog...

    English translation at the end.


    Esco dall’oscurita`
    Mi vedi?

    Questa e` la mia rivoluzione
    Rivoluzione sessuale
    Non si puo` fermare
    Allora, non ci provare

    Legami le m

    275 words
  • diLuisa Photography

    An Italian Woman and her Love Affairs by diLuisa Photog...

    I haven’t had that many profound and lasting love affairs.
    Don’t get me wrong.
    There have been plenty of men, and plenty of affairs.
    But they came and they went again.
    Only a small few stayed in my heart…

    771 words
  • Antonello Incagnone "incant"

    vocalizzando-vocalizing by Antonello Inca...

    Alcuni angusti anfratti annidavano amori.
    Annuiva, ansimando affannosamente,
    Assecondando assalti agguerriti, alternando ansia ad armonia.
    Ascanio, ancora assente, armeggiava all’aria aperta,
    Aprendosi a…

    115 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    The Genoa G8 by Jason Grelli

    Eight years have passed
    but you haven’t aged
    you fought our battles
    against the eight world rattlers…

    The city was put to shreds
    by troops and coppers
    that shredded the bill of rights
    with their truncheons

    111 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    The Mistress by Jason Grelli

    Another day in the office
    Donatella Del Zan is a woman that has it all
    Top C.E.O. Of an important company that produces car components sold all over the world
    She was in her early forties, thin figure, …

    1274 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    THE MISTRESS Part 2 by Jason Grelli

    Part 2…

    Mario Zanotto, the president of the FABBRICA RICAMBI MILANO, was worried.
    Her daughter in law, which was also the C.E.O. of his business, wasn’t in her office.
    She had to assist him

    1253 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    THE SQUID by Jason Grelli

    What is Mafia?
    A demon of the sea of life
    Awaiting and hunting those souls
    who stumble in it’s tentacles
    ready to extort it’s fee…

    It reaches all places
    it’s minions occupy all spaces
    strangling economy or

    140 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    Hired Hands by Jason Grelli

    The Hired Hand couldn’t care less about the strategic or the financial angle of the whole deal.

    946 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    FUCKIN' CHEERS by Jason Grelli

    It was a lovely night
    I got out for a walk
    I’ve kept my habit waiting
    needed to see and talk…

    So I went to the park
    near the lousy housing estate
    not knowing what fate
    had stored for me in this moment

    By th

    184 words
  • Jason  Grelli




    It was a cold and rainy afternoon.
    D.S.I. Touré walked the entrance of the police station.
    He saluted the police officer

    2824 words
  • Jason  Grelli

    Memoirs by Jason Grelli

    10:45 am…

    The foxhole in which Keiko hided was the R.V. Point in which they had to wait for 24 hours.
    Before digging in she layed 4 Claymore mines on the access o

    3958 words