The Other Side of Italy

Group Rules:

1. Not too many artwork submissions per day. This way we give everyone a chance to be on the front page.

2. Only high quality work. Show us your best. No tourist snapshots; no poorly composed or out-of-focus images (artistic & movement blur will be accepted); no poorly edited or over-treated photographs.

Please only submit work that you are proud of.

3. Play nicely and follow all of Red Bubble’s rules.

4. We encourage participation and interaction between members – this is a chance to appreciate, respect & comment on other people’s works, as well as showcase your own!

5. If you disagree with a host’s decision, please feel free to bubblemail us. We are always happy to discuss.

6. Enjoy, experiment, create, interpret, reflect & express – that is what this group is about! And if you dare, push some artistic boundaries……show us the Italian world through your eyes and your creative mind.

7. No romanticised images or writings of Italy…….no pretty landscapes, or postcard images. We are trying to build a raw, emotional, realistic “feel” in our gallery. So please do not be offended if we do not accept a particular work of yours!! Just send us something else!! :) :)

8. Images must include a location!! Either in the title, description or the tags!! (Preferably not just “Italy” but the city or region as well!)

9. This group is about Italy…therefore images & writings must have something to do with Italy, or the Italian culture.

10. This group is a place for Italian artists & non-Italian artists to come together and explore a common interest…….artwork that has a relevance to the Italian reality.

11. To participate in challenges, entries MUST be added to the group. Failure to comply may result in entry removal or forfeit of reward & recognition.

12. Cultural tolerance is necessary in this group, as not all members are comfortable in English. Where possible, we will try and provide translations……however, we ask that all members be mindful and considerate of the language barriers which may sometimes occur. We would like all members to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to discussions & comments, therefore, both English and Italian will be accepted. And of course, hosts are ready to help with translations.

13. All forms of art will be accepted (photography, paintings, drawings, digitals, etc) and all forms of writing (short stories, poetry, reviews, articles, reflections, etc.) However, no journal entries!