The Other Side of Italy

Take away the romanticism and what are you left with? The 'Real' Italy!!

Wow.....our group is moving now!!

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With so MANY fantastic images coming into our group everyday, I will be doing features twice a week!! We are really moving now!!

Today’s features are about Vibrant Colour

Come and have a look at how our Overview Page really POPS with all of that gorgeous COLOUR!!

Congratulations to all of the artists who have had their work featured!!

Our Featured artist of the week is Carole Russell for her beautiful paintings of Italy!! Take the time to check our Carole’s wonderful portfolio………it is a wonderful journey!!

Baci, Luisa :)

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Congratulations to all the featured artists!! Hosts…fabulous job with the brilliant, bold features!


diLuisa Photography diLuisa Photog... 686 posts

Thanks Ronda!!

Carole Russell Carole Russell 137 posts

Whohoooooo love it – big smiles Luisa