Point, Shoot, and Don't Alter MUST LIST CAMERA - NO DSLR

Do you take fabulous photos with a digital point & shoot/bridge camera? Do you keep photo altering to a bare minimum? If so, this group is for you.

Recent Work

  • Pumpkin Extravaganza ~ Part Three by artisandelimage
  • Pretty Autumn Colours by Themis
  • Botanical Firework by artisandelimage
  • Just Showered by RightSideDown
  • Autumn Nuts by Audrey Clarke
  • Sparkle Waves by Diane Trummer Sullivan
  • Heart of Love by Doty
  • Open Bell Cap Fungi by Ray Clarke
  • Cinema Paradiso Sky by MarianBendeth
  • Edward & Daniel by Audrey Clarke
  • Golden Cedars by RVogler
  • ~ Heart Stopper ~ by Donna Keevers Driver

About This Group

This group is currently up and running! Updated 09-16-11

This group is for fabulous informal photos taken by hobbyist photographers who use digital point and shoot/bridge cameras and very minimal alterations.
We accept only photographic art and the subject matter can only contain people or animals if they are not the main focus of the photo. That means NO PORTRAITS.
PLEASE…..read ALL guidelines. Work that doesn’t follow the group rules will be rejected without explanation.

See the group rules and join this group here

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