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The New Beat Generation

Bringing back the beat writing, art, music of the 60s Beatniks like Ginsburg and Kerouac and Dylan.

About This Group

My great friend called Wiki describes it thus, "The Beat Generation is a term used to describe a group of American writers who came to prominence in the 1950s, as well as the cultural phenomena that they wrote about and inspired (later sometimes called “beatniks”). Central elements of “Beat” culture include rejection of mainstream American values, experimentation with drugs and alternate forms of sexuality, and an interest in Eastern spirituality."

It doesn’t have to be American values though; nor do you have to be a druggy (drugs are bad man!) It can encompass the rejection of any society’s conventions and the includes the desire for a new way of thinking. In the 60s this new way of thinking was Buddhism and all of that lark. What it will be in 50 years on I don’t know but I want to find out. Hopefully the Ipod generation can prove that there’s more to our lives than material possessions and life revolving around the conventional career. We too want to find meaning and purpose in our lives, whatever that may be. We’re not all obsessed with materialism; we too can sense something uniting us all whether it is God or just some desire for life, whatever.

Join this group if you want to express your feelings and emotions, if you want to tell whacko stories or if you want to just want to show us something that is different, querky, beat.

Poems, stories, songs, art, photos, t-shirts, journals (especially journals that are ‘New Journalism’ or ’Gonzo), anything is cool.

See the group rules and join this group here

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