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1. The Mysterious Balkans

Photographs and Artwork of the Balkans including:- Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania,Turkey, and all countries previously known as Yugoslavia.


  • Athens by StamatisGR
  • Solitary by Vida
  • dr-091 by bubasvaba
  • jx-622 by bubasvaba
  • SKIATHOS - Ready for lunch! by Daniela Cifarelli
  • Church caretaker--Northern Greece by milton ginos
  • Untitled by bubasvaba
  • Postojna Jama - Slovenia by Arie Koene
  • Inner Circle 2 by adouglas
  • Turkey by Night by adouglas
  • Slovenia by AuntieBarbie
  • Stairway To Heaven - 2 (dedicated to Led Zeppelin - repost)  by Nedim Bosnic
  • Independence Boulevard by adrisimari
  • The Palace of the Parliament - Bucharest - Romania by adrisimari
  • Within These Walls by Bogdan Ciocsan
  • tl-052 by bubasvaba
  • ql-091 by bubasvaba
  • The Rila Monastery by Denitsa Prodanova