1. The Mysterious Balkans

Photographs and Artwork of the Balkans including:- Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania,Turkey, and all countries previously known as Yugoslavia.


  • jc-091 by bubasvaba
  • Bled by AuntieBarbie
  • Bears' Cave - Romania by adrisimari
  • Sebes  by RonSparks
  • Rapa Rosie by RonSparks
  • Afternoon stroll on the Bosphorous by jrizz
  • Its time  by Nedim Bosnic
  • Living in the Clouds by Hazel Dean
  • Olive Grove by Hazel Dean
  • Olive Tree by Hazel Dean
  • Northern Greece Taverna by milton ginos
  • Varatec Monastery - Romania by adrisimari
  • Valea Sebesului by RonSparks
  • View of the Library of Celcus, Ephesus, Turkey by Johannes  Huntjens
  • Kaynar Pinar Harbour, Karaburun Peninisula, Turkey by Johannes  Huntjens
  • Yeni Camii or "New Mosque" 17th century Istanbul by Johannes  Huntjens
  • Streets in Dubrovnik by imagic
  • Windsurfing in Romania by RonSparks