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Features - 23/10/2012

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1046 posts

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to features in “In One’s Mind’s Eye”! Please join me in congratulating the following featured artists on their inspiring visions!

Thank you

In My Father's House Are Many Mansions
by edy4sure

Burn My Shadow Away
by ☼Laughing Bones☾

Dawn Execution
by ßïĽḼẙḆṑﬠ ◊

Keeper of the Light
by shutterbug2010

Speeding Train.
by Nawr :

the dreaming
by shadowlea

Emotion! Until the end of time!
by TheBrit

The Seventh Sun…
by linmarie

Dead End
by peechez2010

Post Impact Pallyatides Swimming About In What Became The Lustrous Blooming Coral Reef.
by ArtOfE

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
by Nadya Johnson

The Nose Job
by Randy Turnbow

JonnisArt JonnisArt 836 posts

Congrats to all featured artists.

Andreav Nawroski Andreav Nawroski 1160 posts

Thank you for featuring Speeding Train! brilliant selection!! congratulations to all you featured great artists.

peechez2010 peechez2010 132 posts

Congratulaions fellow artists! What a fantastic collection you have put together Ramesh. I am thrilled and honored to have my “Dead End” piece a part of it.

Randy Turnbow Randy Turnbow 751 posts

Great selection Ramesh, congrats all!

edy4sure edy4sure 676 posts

Thank you Ramesh, it’s a great honor to be featured here for my very first work posted here, and congrats to every artist whose work got featured :)

shutterbug2010 shutterbug2010 228 posts

What a great collection Ramesh, thank you so much for including my “Keeper of the Light”! Congratulations to all the featured artists here, outstanding and inspiring work by all!!!

shadowlea shadowlea 1215 posts

fantastic collection of beautiful work……congratulations everyone…and thank you Ramesh, honoured to be included

linmarie linmarie 2210 posts

Wow, what a fun, and spooky and eerie and macob gallery of works.. you are all so amazing and creative and very inspiring.. congratulations everyone.. and Ramesh.. thank you for including one of mine to be here… you created a fabulous gallery!!!!

True Cinema Movement True Cinema Mo... 111 posts

Wonderful selection Ramesh..keep it up….!