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Sunday 01st July 2012 - Features

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1059 posts

Dear Friends

Please join me in congratulating the following featured artists on their amazing images & imagination!

Thank you

Reptilian Thoughts, Draconian Actions
by ☼Laughing Bones☾

I like Being Different
by deborah zaragoza

These Dreams….
by Karen Helgesen

Summers Harvest
by timmburgess

Message to Humanity black and white pen ink surreal drawing art
by Vitaliy Gonikman

Green Ribbon
by Tracey Hampton

Zebras and a Really Big Moon
by Tom Norton

The Beatles
by Bine

Time for spa (291 Views)
by aldona

the key to all things
by Karl David Hill

The Centaur Warrior
by Richard Gerhard

Bird on a Mirror
by lamiel

debarlene debarlene 281 posts

Congratulations to all your wonderful and talented members. Beautiful images and so creative. Thank you so very much Kanages for your wonderful gallery of artworks and for this wonderful spotlight. Thank you so very much for allowing my work to be part of this lovely venue!

Cheers to all,

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 933 posts

Way cool…..Thank you so much……Congrats to everyone….Fantastic work by all…Superb.

aldona aldona 2168 posts

Thanks Ramesh for featuring Time for spa Congrats to the rest