In One's Mind's Eye

In one's mental view or imagination

Recent Work

  • red indian mask by jackpoint23
  • The Bead Worker by billfox256
  • Clown fish tank by Ruta Dumalakaite
  • Moonlight Ritual Star Dancer  by Leah McNeir
  • Trump Makings. by Alex Preiss
  • Gone Fishing by John Ryan
  • Morning After the Rain by RC deWinter
  • Parts Of Music by phil decocco
  • Bluemer by Peter Stratton
  • Botanica Malefactum 12 - Peacock Flower by Richard Maier
  • Grey On Gray by Ben Loveday
  • We are one at the root by crystalline

About This Group

In one’s mind’s eye: in one’s imagination or mental view (Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary).

It’s seeing more than just the seen. It’s your mind’s own unique view and interpretation of what is seen. It is about ‘seeing’ an emotion,a story, a poem, a song, a memory, a past etc., that transcends, yet originates from and connects with, what is seen … and then evocatively conveying this ‘seeing’ — or ‘connection’ made — through the title, a quote, poem, story… or a short or long description added to the image.

It’s about using your imagination, your creativity, towards new ways of ‘seeing’ and connecting with an image — one either captured through the lens or expressed through an artistic media — and then effectively communicating through words, this connection your mind has made, for other minds too to ‘see’ and ‘connect’; and perhaps, be inspired by it.

You may view Mortality or Roger Moove for examples of such ‘connection’ made; of seeing more than the seen.

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