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interview with Veikko Suikkanen

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What inspires you as a photographer

I have been a wild nature from little boy , nature provides an endless magical moments in which to obtain recovery of visual form is an endless challenge.
When did your love for photography start
Love for photography was kindled at a very young age, however, the acquisition of the first SRL camera until about 25 years ago, ever since photography has been a passion.

Who influences your work

RedBubble is a myriad of brilliant photographers and artists, RedBubble is an artist and a photographer’s paradise, here you can find endless inspiration, I can not name anyone in particular.

What advice would you give to someone who has just started to get into photography

First, check out our camera features in depth, learn how to use all the features of the camera, and photograph a lot of different things, photograph things you enjoy. If you’re shooting nature, you may want to wake up very early in the morning, before sunrise, it’s worth.

what makes you want to share what you shoot

Importing photos for others to see is very important as it receives feedback, I think it is very important for every photographer.
does nature draw you to photography or does photography draw you to nature
Definitely nature pulls me to photograph, I enjoy tremendously to move and reside in the nature.

What is the significance of color in your work

Of course, color photos are of great importance, however, the most important thing I’m trying to highlight my work is the atmosphere. Atmosphere is created by many different things, the colors have a part to play. I think that when the picture has a certain atmosphere, it has been successful, and such a figure is the viewer’s mind.


Bob Larson Bob Larson 32 posts

Great interview Veikko. I think what makes you special is the one thing you can’t teach, your eye, how you see the world. Your photography and process are uniquely you and it’s something to behold from the viewers standpoint.

Anthony Mancuso Anthony Mancuso 1359 posts

very nice interview Veikko