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The Male Photographer

A group for the male photographer


This challenge closed about 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Post a picture of something that begins with the letter H. Hips, helicopter, half-boob, heights, heart, etc…

Judging / Voting Criteria


Rewards & Prizes


Additional Information

Make sure the H is obvious. Either the object needs to begin with an H or the title or description says something about it. Obviously if you post a picture of a person and her name is Heather, you might want to have that as the title or something because it’s hard for me to assume and there have been a few things in previous letter challenges that I wasn’t sure about.

Cover Image: Hips by gobucki


The Top Ten


THE HANDS OF ALCHEMIST by RakeshSyal was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • 1958 Holden by John Vandeven
  • Heel by VladimirFloyd
  • Half a Model Is Better Than None by Maxoperandi
  • HOME ON THE RANGE by dvande1
  • Hoverfly by rocamiadesign
  • SparrowHawk...A Curious Kestrel by RichImage
  • Heron by titus
  • Hallet Cove Hill by Michael John
  • hell by KreddibleTrout

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