Eerie And Enchanting Art


  • shelleybabe2

    I was'nt made of stone... by shelleybabe2

    I was not made of stone.
    But I’ve choose to turn into one.…

    For nothing can break me anymore.
    Not even your word’s in which I recall.

    For stick’s and stone’s,
    may break my bone’s.

    But the word’s you curz

    52 words
  • shelleybabe2

    The real thing... by shelleybabe2

    Someone who is genuine.
    Sincere, loyal and honest.…

    Someone who will alway’s,
    keep there promise.

    Someone who appreciate’s,
    the love I give to them.

    Someone who is genuine,
    loving and caring.

    Someone I ca

    70 words
  • wildwomenlove

    Blood Dust by wildwomenlove

    Those arms that have held me steady
    Guidance disintegrating
    into blood dust
    Lifted on a transient wind…

    164 words
  • vampvamp

    Incontinent ramblings by vampvamp

    A stutter of need
    Repressed idiosyncrasies
    Truths unknown
    Collectively shared with one

    91 words
  • darkvampire

    this, then, is the night. by darkvampire

    this, then, is the night,

    85 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Where's ya mamma gone! by shelleybabe2

    Where’s ya mamma gone.
    She’s mummified.
    Dryed up inside.
    Ceased to talk.
    she’s walked.
    When I dropped the bomb.
    against the truth and honesty.
    Wrapped herself,
    in a coat of pro…

    57 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Outside looking in... by shelleybabe2

    I see you at the window,
    staring through.…

    A mirror of reflection,
    of me and you.

    Outside, looking in.
    At what you do.

    How you feel.
    And what is real.

    I feel you sadness
    and your pain.

    Loneliness and
    your s

    130 words
  • shelleybabe2

    It's a secret... by shelleybabe2

    It’s private…
    That’s why I had to hide it.…

    I found it hard to communicate
    with you.
    Due to all of the abuse.

    I could not express myself.
    Cause I was too ashamed of it.

    It was personal.
    It was private.

    I a

    98 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Where have you gone... by shelleybabe2

    Where have you gone,
    come back to me.
    That cheeky girl,
    who was so lively.
    So full of life
    and energy.
    Always happy
    and playfully.
    Where have you gone,
    come back to me.
    I need you here,
    oh, can’t you see.

    42 words
  • lilynoelle

    The Fairy Tale Begins by lilynoelle

    part 29 of “Unexpected Grace”; can be read on its own

    That summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool and moist. In the morning, the trees outside of Lucie’s window dripped with

    1992 words
  • Marie Monroe

    The Rabbit by Marie Monroe

    It is a rainy morning, pre-dawn as usual with these bothered nights, where the heavy jacket is out and I dart from getting water to drink to keyboard and over to watch the charger and my dying camera…

    442 words
  • shelleybabe2

    For I'am a survivor! by shelleybabe2

    Don’t judge me,
    by what you see.…

    By what you’ve heard,
    by my honesty.

    Have you walked,
    in these shoe’s.

    Have you felt,
    this sore bruise.

    This constant reminder.
    That I’am a survivor.

    You would’nt be here.

    67 words
  • shelleybabe2

    I Doubt Myself by shelleybabe2

    I doubt myself,
    quite a lot.
    A feeling of uncertainty.
    Stay’s with me,
    like a knot.
    It’s hard to undo,
    when you can’t believe the truth.
    It’s hard to undo,
    when it’s stayed with you.
    For a very long time.
    For …

    74 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Unpredictable... by shelleybabe2

    Just like the weather.
    Just like the ineffable.…

    Too great or extreme.
    To be expressed by words.
    For our feelings are so powerful,
    when we get hurt.

    For our mood’s effect us,

    105 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Hesitant! by shelleybabe2

    I’ve tried and tested.
    Everyone’s patience.
    They too with me.
    I’ve loved and I’ve pushed,
    away those with hesitance.
    They too with me.
    For I was’nt too sure,
    if I could take anymore.
    Make or break.
    Make anoth…

    80 words
  • shelleybabe2

    Escape's me from reality by shelleybabe2

    I love to read your poetry.
    For it inspire’s me.
    Romantic or comedy.
    Whatever it may be.
    As I read your poetry.
    I can feel it…
    It seem’s so real to me.
    I embrace the moment.
    And treasure it.
    Just like a dream…

    53 words
  • Marie Monroe

    lauren rabbit, 1968-2012 by Marie Monroe

    rest in peace, lauren

    if you were touched by lauren please pass this through your groups

    20 words
  • shelleybabe2

    In Denial! by shelleybabe2

    You refuse to acknowledge.
    The truth and nothing but the truth.
    Can’t you see what’s happened to me.
    To both of us.
    Instead you protect yourself and the abuser.
    As a defence mechanism.
    “Hello” is there any…

    166 words