Eerie And Enchanting Art

Group Rules:

Welcome to Eerie and Enchanted Art
These are the group rules and when you join the group you agree to follow them:

Not Accepted:
- Blurred or badly cropped work
- WIPS or Unfinished work
- Photo Manipulations which are badly seamed together, or have a harsh, unnatural feel
- Colour: “loud”, “clashing” or “garish”, as we feel it distracts from the overall atmosphere, ambiance and eeriness of the group pages.
- Gore or horror.
- Fractal images and abstracts unless we really feel they illustrate the group theme perfectly.
- Products of any kind (T-shirts, iPhone cases and such)
- Writing on images


Eerie: Suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious, spooky
Synonyms: uncanny, sinister, ghostly, unnatural, unearthly, supernatural, otherworldly, strange, abnormal, odd, weird, freakish, creepy, scary, spooky, freaky, frightening, bone-chilling, spine-chilling, hair-raising, blood-curdling, terrifying.

Enchanting: Beguiling, bewitching, captivating, ravishing, enthralling, fascinating, capturing interest as if by a spell
Synonyms: captivating, charming, delightful, bewitching, beguiling, adorable, lovely, attractive, appealing, engaging, winning, fetching, winsome, alluring, disarming, seductive, irresistible, fascinating, taking.

Make sure you image is BOTH eerie AND enchanting.

Rules and guidelines are subject to minor changes without notification.
More extensive changes will be announced in a group message.
Rules revised 02-26-15