The landscapes of our world.

Group Rules:

Express yourself in the art of landscape in color or black and white photography.

Please try to keep the uploads to 2-3 a day – don’t flood the pages with all your work. Excessive daily loads will be rejected.

Only your BEST photography thanks, .

Only high quality natural colour or black and white and light photographs only, please. No paintings/drawings, etc.

Artistic / photographic quality is an important element. Snapshots are not likely to be accepted.

Filters on lenses (such as polarisers, skylight, UV, grads) are acceptable.

When it comes to photo-editing,please keep it to a minimum. HDR works which look “over-cooked” will be rejected.

No text on photos please, if your eye can’t see text, it shouldn’t be on the photo.

Don’t be offended if you get a rejection, we all have work rejected in groups. Please don’t keep resubmitting rejected images. Continual resubmission could end in removal from the group.

Please respect the hosts decision when rejecting images. We all have images rejected in groups and there are far too many submissions to this group to be answering queries relating to why an image was not accepted. Thank you.

Please make sure your horizons are level.

Let’s make this a group to stand out.

Thank you

Your Hosts