The Human Condition

Photographic and Artistic work showing *'The Integrity Of Being Human'*

"Children,Toddlers and Little Babies" ~ The Human Condition Permanent Gallery

Jazz08 Jazz08 62 posts

Themed Permanent Gallery

Welcome to this Themed Permanent Gallery of the Human Condition group.

I’m happy and proud to present to you our :

“Children,Toddlers and Little Babies” Gallery

Newborn Dreams
by JCMPhotos

Baby Aviator
by Emilie Trammell

Olde Time Baby
by jenn77

"Mirror, mirror on the wall / Who is the fairest of them all?"
by Bella White

A Real Prince!
by Bella White

by Lynne Morris

Dandelion Wish
by ShotsOfLove

Bubble Dreams
by autumnwind

Waiting to Shine…
by laruecherie

Sibling Secrets
by ShotsOfLove

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8902 posts

Beautiful choices. Congratulations to all featured.

Lynne Morris Lynne Morris 139 posts

Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful work and congratulations to the featured artists.

Evita Evita 15096 posts

AWww… too cute… Congratulations to all artists !!!! ☺♥

vaggypar vaggypar 13440 posts

Lovely Work ..!

autumnwind autumnwind 7405 posts

Congratulations to all artists! An absolute joy and privilege to be among you and your beautiful work. Thank you so much for this truly inspiring honor! ♥♥♥

jenn77 jenn77 7 posts

Congrats to all !!!! Great portraits !!

laruecherie laruecherie 330 posts

Congrats to everyone featured! Thank you for including my image with these beautiful works:-) Soooo awesome!

Renee D. Miranda Renee D. Miranda 1581 posts

Excellent images everyone congratulations.

Emilie Trammell Emilie Trammell 332 posts

Beautiful! Thanks for including mine!

steppeland steppeland 1443 posts

Awesome gallery, Jazz! Such a wonderful selection, well done!
A big congrats to all the featured artists!

Jazz08 Jazz08 62 posts

Thanks Steppeland:)

machka machka 1678 posts