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Canadiana - 2/day

Art About Canada By Canadians And Its Visitors


  • Paul Rees-Jones

    The Cricket's Song. by Paul Rees-Jones

    Crickets play on their broken violins,
    As the day dims to dusky pale,
    Songs of birds quiet to night,
    Fireflies light the sky.
    The moon comes up, an all knowing eye,
    Wind whips up it’s chill,
    You huddle wit…

    126 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Girl. by Paul Rees-Jones

    I know a girl,
    Who throws her heart out to the world,
    To spread the love she holds.
    I know a lass,
    Who’s as fragile as glass,
    But still stands against the waves.
    I know a soul,
    Wiser than just old,
    Who wants…

    79 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Morals. by Paul Rees-Jones

    She looked up at the man. His face bright with smiles and twinkes. He seemed to be wise beyond years. She often sat with him and talked about the world around them. This day was a day of questions an…

    224 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Why...Sweet Friend. by Paul Rees-Jones

    And why is it hard,
    to see through walls,
    to lift up hearts,
    to rise above,
    Why sweet friend,
    is truth
    a twister
    of tongues,
    When lies slide,
    from tongue
    to lips.
    Why is it hard,
    to walk on the sun,
    sleep with t…

    65 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    I have seen... by Paul Rees-Jones

    I have seen the moon shed tears of light,
    That dripped down diamond speckled skies.
    I have heard the mountain scream in pain,
    Across seas of emerald green.
    I have felt the gossamer of dreams,
    From technic…

    117 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    If... by Paul Rees-Jones

    If I held out to you,
    The petals of a perfect rose,
    Would you take them,
    Hold them to your breast,
    Know that they were given,
    From one who knows love,
    If I held to you those petals,
    White as the purest dove…

    167 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Key of C (Cohen playing on mind.) by Paul Rees-Jones

    Sipping the mass market drink of choice,
    Leonard Cohen plays depressive notes so well,
    I flick my ash before the next deathly drag,
    Smoke floats
    on the wind
    around my head.
    I can’t help but follow as it …

    189 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Shift. by Paul Rees-Jones

    When it changes it shifts,
    From great to good to forgotten.
    When it ends it is lost,
    From mind and hopefully from heart.
    When you see someone as different,
    You tend to drift away.
    When it changes it shifts…

    88 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    The Lady Bug. (A fable.) by Paul Rees-Jones

    Once upon a time there was a ladybug that didn’t like her spots. There were two on the left and one on the right. The one on the right was too low for her liking and the two on the left seemed much t…

    471 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Ying and Yang. by Paul Rees-Jones

    As a toe dipped in water,
    that touches sand,
    turns to dust,
    where i stand.…

    As breeze gently blows,
    that turns to gale,
    Pushing me back,
    with pounding hail.

    As a hand held close,
    I feel wrinkles fold,
    grasp i

    100 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    A Dream by Paul Rees-Jones

    Lying down on a bed of grass,
    Staring up at a blue crisp sky,
    Clouds swirl in windy curls,
    Breath deep this glorious day.…

    Lying back in waters warm,
    Eyes closed to the weightless wonder,
    Waters swirl in a

    95 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    A List. by Paul Rees-Jones

    I’m looking for that ray of sunlight,
    That glimmer of hope,
    That bright star in a perfect night.…

    I want that rainbow’s gold,
    That giddy feeling,
    That smile from secret whispers told.

    I want to feel that

    76 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Forgotten. by Paul Rees-Jones

    Silently the machines moved the vital fluids around the body of the small one, delivering vital nutrients to muscles and organs. Pushing magic gas into her small lungs and taking away the poison that…

    584 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Untitled by Paul Rees-Jones

    She waited, baited breath,
    wind swept hair,
    upon the ledge
    of grass and sand,
    that led to sea,
    for her lovers faithful call.…

    Water rushed, in froth filled walls,
    to shore with strength,
    and power,

    98 words
  • George Cousins

    How Goals Evolve :) by George Cousins

    Back in November 2008, when I joined RB, I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped I’d get some comments on my work, which I regarded as strictly amateur. I really wanted to get ideas, suggestions, criti…

    369 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Friend. by Paul Rees-Jones

    I once thought life was nothing,
    As days passed through tears.
    I once thought I was hardened,
    By all my loss and fears.
    I once thought I was worthless,
    Spent days less than awake.
    I once thought all were s…

    133 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Soft. by Paul Rees-Jones

    this cheek and lover’s breath,
    this hand and innocent beguile,
    the love of beginnings,
    the surrender of tainted hearts,
    in all those looks,
    across those rooms,
    over subtle caresse…

    66 words
  • Paul Rees-Jones

    Dance. by Paul Rees-Jones

    Gentle footsteps on tippy toes,
    Prance across those wild flowers.
    Barefoot and free to the wind,
    No need to hide or cower.
    Embracing life and beauty,
    Holding it close to breast.
    Living in joyous moments,

    98 words