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The Great Outdoors/ Limit 2 per day!!!

Landscape Photography only (emphasis on LAND please)-Nothing Made by Man


linmarie linmarie 2147 posts

It’s a winter wonder land out there for many of us.. and I found some beautiful and amazing captures in this wonderful group!
All works are click able to go to its page and leave comments and please leave your comments here also.
******REMINDER****** please remember your images should not have anything made by man.. or man himself in the image.. if in doubt.. please take time to read our group rules again and go through our many messages of reminders of what is and is not allowed..
Many rejections and again I do not like to reject… but rules are rules…
I wish everyone a week filled with peace, love, light and inspiration!

I….hate….snow! – White-tailed Deer by Jim Cumming

Stewart Peak by Loree McComb

Winters Snow at Big Lake by Charles & Patricia Harkins

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1613 posts

Great selection. Congratulations to all those with featured images.

ctheworld ctheworld 7322 posts

Wonderful display! Congrats to everyone – many thanks for including my work, I am honored!

© Loree McComb © Loree McComb 190 posts

Fabulous images I’m proud to be a part of. Thank you and congratulations to all

marilyn diaz marilyn diaz 64 posts

Thank you. All fantastic pictures. Thanks for including me in this display.

Ted Busby Ted Busby 531 posts

Fabulous selections…Well done to everyone for their excellent work!

Ginny York Ginny York 7017 posts

What a beautiful selection of features linmarie! Thank you so much for including Dogwood Berries In The Snow alongside them. I am honored. ;)) Congratulations to everyone featured!!

jtmeirose jtmeirose 288 posts

Great collection of images of my fav season to photograph. Honored to be included here. Cheers and happy holidays to everyone.

labaker labaker 114 posts

spectacular work everyone :)

Yukondick Yukondick 82 posts

Great selection and congrats to the moderators for the great display