The Great Lakes of North America (Include the Lake Name)

Group Rules:

PLEASE IDENTIFY THE NAME OF THE LAKE (or connecting body of water- Niagra River, Lake St Claire- in either the description or title

Only images (photography, drawing and painting) and written work of the Great Lakes Region, falling within 15 miles of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario; journals and writing must be about the Lakes region.

Images representing the natural resources, communities, people, architecture, tourist attractions, events and culture of the Great Lakes region

Work will be rejected if requested corrections are not made.

This group is family/kid-friendly; we have youth members. No artwork featuring nudity, sexual connotation or extreme violence.

For those who think requiring the Lake name is too much to ask, here is a little exercise for you. Only one of these photos is a Great Lakes shot. Can you tell which one and which Lake?
#1. -#2.
#3. -#4.
#5. -#6.
Answers here:

BY SUBMITTING your image to the group you are giving the hosts permission to use that image within the group and to promote the group.