The Great Lakes of North America (Include the Lake Name)

Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario and their immediate areas


  • Brisk Day on Lake Superior by jrier
  • Birch Tree by jrier
  • Toronto Skyline at dusk by Henry Jager
  • Fog Signal and Lakeshore by Joy Fitzhorn
  • After the Storm by jrier
  • From Sea to Shinning Sea by Kathilee
  • Ariel Lift Bridge by ljaksha
  • I LOVE the beach! by back40fotos
  • The Old Wooden Pier by Susan  Kimball
  • Sun setting at Twelvemile Beach by Megan Noble
  • Love...Boat by deb cole
  • Solitude by JKKimball
  • The Pier at Dawn by Susan  Kimball
  • Niagara Falls at night by Jill Vadala
  • Water Reflection Abstract #1 by Kathilee
  • Glistening Water by ljaksha
  • 9th floor view © by Dawn M. Becker
  • Summertime by Greta  McLaughlin