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The Great Lakes of North America (Include the Lake Name)

Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario and their immediate areas


AuntieJ AuntieJ 424 posts

Other places in the Great Lakes region to photograph, draw, paint or just simply visit, ie. Niagra Falls, Lake St. Claire, Straights of Mackinac, St. Mary’s River, Hurley Wisconsin, Copper Peak World’s Tallest Ski Flying Hill, etc..

AuntieJ AuntieJ 424 posts

Hurley/Iron County Wisconsin: Where 51 ends and the fun begins! About 10 miles from Lake Superior as the crow flies. Once an anchor of the Gogebic Iron Range when mining was king. Iron County Historical Museum- 3 floors of exhibits inc. Finnish rag weaving/rugs for sale. Paavo Nurmi Marathon, oldest marathon in WI. Highest concentration of waterfalls in WI (50+). Gile Flowage. Plummer Mine head frame, last in WI. Little Finland (gift shop Wed. & Sat. only, 10 AM-2 PM); largest ATV & snowmobile trail system in WI. Iron County has the most waterfalls of any Wisconsin county. Stop at the Tourist Center near the intersect of Highways 51 & U.S. 2. “All aboard for Hayward, Hurley and Hell!’’ On the Lake Superior Circle Route

AuntieJ AuntieJ 424 posts

Gogebic County Michigan: Waterfalls, ski hills, Copper Peak- world’s tallest ski flying scaffold (see Canada across Lake Superior on a clear day), 5 waterfalls on the Black River (empties into Lake Superior), North country trail. Ironwood Hiawatha- world’s tallest Indian. Wakefield Peter Wolf Toth sculpture Nee-Gaw-Nee-Gaw-Bow (Leading Man), Sunday Lake. Ramsey Keystone Bridge (Black River, ends in Lake Superior) Stop at the Tourist Center on Highway U.S. 2 just before crossing the Wisconsin border. On the Lake Superior Circle Route