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Features - 21st April 2013

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1046 posts

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my very first features presentation as host of this great group. I had fun selecting the images, and hope you have fun too viewing them. I thank April our previous host for this delightful hosting opportunity and for all her previous efforts as host, and the impressive banners she has left me with. I look forward to seeing more of your goofy creations!!

“Energizer Bunny arrested; charged with battery”

(Look forward to seeing these too with each features presentation)


How to Chill Like a Cat
by micklyn

Meet Mr. Jowels
by trueblvr

Without a Leg to Stand On
by trobe

Somebody's springing for a gift for the Mrs.
by Susan Littlefield

Obviously Birthday Boy Can't Hold His Liquor
by WildestArt

by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮

Crazy 'Bout You
by paintingsheep

by carol brandt

A Monster is in My Closet
by Liam Liberty

A Little Shock
by Kerina Strevens

Just a Sliver Off the Top
by Randy Turnbow

by Tomas Kozyra

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7116 posts

Congratulations to all!!! Welcome Ramesh :)))))))) x x x

micklyn micklyn 241 posts

wonderful works! congrats, everyone, and thank you for including one of mine!!!

Susan Littlefield Susan Littlefield 60 posts

Hello, Ramesh!! Congratulations to all, and thank you for choosing my photo to be included in this wonderful group!!

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1046 posts

THANK YOU Vicki!! :))

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10460 posts

Congratulatons to all nicely done and presented by all Nice viewing and selections…Thank you Ramesh for featuring DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT i am honored to receive this hugs ty …ribit ribit…lol

Kerina Strevens Kerina Strevens 13 posts

Welcome Ramesh – thanks for the feature!

Liam Liberty Liam Liberty 93 posts

Great work on display! Thank you for featuring mine :)

Diane Arndt Diane Arndt 1743 posts

fantastic choices…good job at a nice wide range of works. Thank you for including me in there Ramesh….Di

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1046 posts

THANK YOU Kerina!! :))

WildestArt WildestArt 3818 posts

Thanxx for the inclusion. Sometimes rampant silliness pays off!!

aprilann aprilann 2828 posts

These are so GoOfy!!! Great pics, Ramesh. This group is so fortunate that you are their host.

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1046 posts

THANK YOU April!! Appreciate the WARM & SUPPORTIVE thoughts very much!!!

Ginny York Ginny York 7020 posts

Great choices! Congratulations to everyone!