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An Animal of Some Sort.

This challenge closed almost 3 years ago.

The Challenge

Animals haveto have that certain look, this group is looking for to be able to get in the group. So not all can get in. Cartoons, paintings, i-phones accepted if good picture.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favorite

Rewards & Prizes

20 Voucher

Additional Information

Please Please Please

Please make sure that your entry is also in the group. To do this, click on the red edit button at the top right hand side of the challenge screen. In the drop down list select the words “My Works”, this will show you what images of yours are in the group or awaiting moderation in the group.

Notice: If you win and your entry is not in the group, you will forfeit your win and the next person in line will become the winner.

Cover Image: Oh no... don't you dare! by Ticker


The Top Ten

Elizabeth the Sad Lizard by Yampimon

Elizabeth the Sad Lizard by Yampimon was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Funny Fire Ant with Guns cartoon drawing by Vitaliy Gonikman
  • Art Student by © Joe  Beasley IPA
  • Flight Of The Bumblebee by m catherine doherty
  • Vampire Kitty .. Tee Shirt by LoneAngel
  • Who Let YOU In? by Ladymoose
  • Night scene by Marianna Tankelevich
  • Are you looking at me? by IrisGelbart
  • Penguin with a flamethrower... by MrDeath
  • Chicks Dig Me [ Tshirt & iPad Case ] by Damienne Bingham

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  1. ott fashion

    ott fashion

    i want to see some over the top fashion

    Entries close and voting starts 21 days from now

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    Your design must on the theme of introverts A term introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung …

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