A group that celebrates the goddess within.

Recent Work

  • Candy Girl by archys Design
  • At the heart by Iris MacKenzie
  • Clawsome! by Sophie Corrigan
  • I wish it was ecstasy by strawberries
  • distant dreams by sleepwalker
  • Goddess of the World by Elspeth McLean
  • Life Is Good by RobynLee
  • That Look in your Eyes by Barbara D Richards
  • Marilyn Monroe roses by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Anatomy of a Fox by Sophie Corrigan
  • ~ Lacrimas Profundere ~  by Alexandra  Lexx
  • Real Life Mermaid by RobynLee

About This Group

This is a group dedicated to the Divine Feminine within us all. In Hinduism the Divine Feminine is known as Shakti and it is the primordial force that moves the Universe. There are archetypal representations of the Divine Feminine in cultures the world over in multiple forms of the goddess. This group is not centered around any one religion or path. We want to see your art of goddesses from all cultures, and we want to see your art and writing of your own journey of birthing the goddess wtihin.

This group is not exclusively for women, as men also work with their feminine energies. Please spend time in our forums where we will talk about intuition and creativity, and support each other on our journey back to the goddess within.

We will accept all forms of artwork, but photography and abstract art needs to specifically portray the Divine Feminine in some fashion.

’It’s not like the different goddesses are all in their own special heavens with the door closed. All are archetypical manifestations of this universal female energy. Access is not an energy outside ourselves, but an energy within. Outside/inside, in ultimate reality, it makes no difference.

It is our true nature that we are trying to realize. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, you go about the day seeing yourself as Tara and recognizing Tara in others. And, though you think you are pretending to be Tara, in reality you are Tara pretending to be Mary Smith. And that is the point.’

~ Tenzin Palmo


CONGRATULATIONS! to brettisagirl for winning the “Redbubble Goddess Challenge” with her awesome image of Shi titled Fern

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