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Elevation Exhibition

Pilgrim Pilgrim 249 posts

Following is the list of the works currently being exhibited at Elevation in Emerald and available for purchase.

Click on the image to go through to the work where you can purchase it.




Robyn Lakeman Robyn Lakeman 64 posts

Fantastic display of art!

Elana Bailey Elana Bailey 104 posts

Looks wonderful, Martin. Many thanks very much indeed. Cheers Elana.

JHP Unique and Beautiful Images JHP Unique and... 213 posts

Great work Martin and to be involved with this.

Australis Australis 93 posts

Was up having a look today, looks great. Food is so yumm.. Service is great..

Pilgrim Pilgrim 249 posts

I am pleased it all worked. I drop in about once a week to check everything is OK. But do let me know if you see any problems.

Lois Romer Lois Romer 962 posts

cool I did not get up there to see my work hanging, a co worker was there 2 weeks ago for dinner and didnt even notice if they had photos displayed. pfft i gave him a serve for not noticing his suroundings.

Pilgrim Pilgrim 249 posts

And I have just updated this with our Winter/Autumn theme images.

Pilgrim Pilgrim 249 posts

I have posted the new images which have been hung up at Elevation. Although I seem to be missing one above. So need to go and check what I have done! But it all looks great. Martin

Virginia McGowan Virginia McGowan 726 posts

Display looked fabulous , framing made the art look great, superb coffee and service.! I was able to take a few pics of the restaurant too.[and ‘Billy the Toot’ and flowers in and around Emerald Lake ]Thanks for all your work Martin. G.

Elana Bailey Elana Bailey 104 posts

Many thanks so very much indeed, Martin. Cheers.