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The COMPACT GROUP 1/24 Small compact cameras with fixed lens, NO DSLR?Mobile Phones Cameras. NO compact with interchangable lens please. Camera make please

For people who use a Small Compact Digital or Compact Film Point & Shoot Camera *with fixed lens* No DSLR,Bridge Cameras,Mobile phones Please, Camera Make must be added!

27# Compact Group *Featured art work in June 2012*

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

This challenge is for work Featured work in June 2012 only

We use the banner below for work featured this will have the link to the challenge and Junes month*

June 2012

Please add your image to the group and it MUST HAVE details of your Compact camera make and model

As from June the 1st 2012 bridge cameras and DSLRS and their images will no longer be accepted into the group this group is ONLY for compacts camera.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote or images that you like the best.
Any block voting or asking for votes will result in the image being removed at any time within the challenge.

Rewards & Prizes

This is for FUN

Group message with Winner and top 10 placements.

Winner Banners

Winners image on overview page linked to portfolio

Additional Information

You must have a Feature Banner and with the correct date for the challenge.

Joint winners will both receive bannners and image our overview page.

Images will be removed throught the challenge if they do not follow the rules and group guidelines.

Please note depending on how many weekends fall in the month the challenge may need to be extended from time to time

Cover Image: Novocherkassk Polytechnic. Lobby by Nikolay Semyonov


The Top Ten

the King of the jungle by supergold

the King of the jungle by supergold was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Fall Red by Lucinda Walter
  • THE GREAT TIT (Parus major) by Johan  Nijenhuis
  • A certain sort of glow by RightSideDown
  • Autumn in the forest of Chenonceau by Peter Zentjens
  • River Zen by RVogler
  • Snap by Lilian Marshall
  • Be Still My Heart by Ginny York
  • Last dance under the winter sky by Themis
  • San Juan Orchid by Rosemary Sobiera

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