A Garden Somewhere...

Photos of garden settings and landscapes - NO FLOWER CLOSE UPS OR MACROS!!!

Recent Work

  • cacti garden by Margaret  Hyde
  • Überlingen am Bodensee by bubblehex08
  • I heard it through the grapevine by missmoneypenny
  • Inverawe Sunset by Roddy Atkinson
  • Lyndhurst Estate by Jessica Jenney
  • Pool in Sunshine, Butchart Gardens, BC, Canada by Priscilla Turner
  • singapore airport by sharon wingard
  • Cactus-garden on island Lokrum - Croatia by Arie Koene
  • Gardens at the Chateau de Villandry, Loire Valley, France by Elaine Teague
  • The Goddess Of The Sea Has Hard Times Too by Paul Lubaczewski
  • The Brown Courtyard........... by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Scenic View by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

About This Group

This group is about the garden design or effect in this group along with the landscape. We are all about seeing the non-movable man made objects in gardens. These are the pathways, steps, statues, fountains, arbours, gazebos, garden buildings and pergolas. This is about the garden setting.

Winner of the Garden Arbors & Arches Challenge March 10, 2014:

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