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PolaRaven PolaRaven 357 posts

A few weeks ago, Sophie and I launched our 2nd group, All Things Aquatic

We are growing slowly but surely, with new challenges added each week now.

We accept all artwork, photography, writing and clothing, so long as it is clearly related to ALL THINGS AQUATIC :)
If you need a place to post your best work of fish, hippos, crocodiles, or any animal that spends even a part of its life in the water, finally you have a group to do just that :)

Even if you don’t post anything, come and see us, say Hello on the forums, or just have a look around


Ladymoose Ladymoose 1054 posts

Will do Rav:-)

bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1967 posts

I don’t have many occasions to take such photos in Luxembourg or Paris, but I’ll think of your group when I am travelling!

Sue Ratcliffe Sue Ratcliffe 373 posts

Do geese, ducks and swans qualify?!!!! I have plenty of those!!!!!


PolaRaven PolaRaven 357 posts

Thank you Bubblehex, we look forward to seeing your work :)

PolaRaven PolaRaven 357 posts

They sure do Sue :)


dedmanshootn dedmanshootn 1434 posts

i’ll definnitely be in to take a look. good on ya!

Sherrill Meredith Sherrill Meredith 5 posts

‘Good on ya’ sure to find something for you